Camel Babies



Ginger's baby girl at about four hours old (March 2, 2008).


baby camel














Libby's baby girl (and the first to be born at our farm) went to Barb Funke in Virginia (January 21, 2008).


baby camel








Don named Kathy's baby boy Lucky, in honor of his Friday the 13th arrival (July 13, 2007)


Lucky with Don





















An advanced student, Lucky goes to college at only two and a half weeks old. Here he is with Don, Marietta Baba, dean of the college at Michigan State University, and her assistant, Loretta Winkler.


Lucky with Don at MSU














Prissy's 2007 baby boy at just a few minutes old. (May 19, 2007)

Prissys baby boy
















Jordan helps two-day-old Freddie at feeding time.

Jordan and Freddie















Freddie at four weeks old.

Freddie at four weeks















Freddie looks back..."Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"















Doc and Hump's 2007 baby girl, barely dry but already on her feet. (June 7, 2007)
















Alison and Freddie meet for the first time. Ali is one week old; Freddie is four weeks old.

Alison and Freddie meet
















Ali takes a break.

Ali takes a break